Who We Are


Fuel the People is a community organization with a mission to serve, empower and facilitate vegan access for Black/Brown folx in the DMV.

We are a space for intentional community building. The community we seek to build is one that actively changes the vegan narrative to reflect veganism as a praxis for decolonization.

Through our community organized service events, engaging social activities, and vegan activist education materials, we center Black/Brown narratives, perspectives, lived experiences and liberation movements.

What Is Access?

We understand access to be much more than having physical access to a particular vegan product or menu item. Access is determined by many factors, including education around how a vegan lifestyle is a liberation practice, understanding of food variety and nutritional benefits, or tools for how to sustain oneself or one’s family on a vegan lifestyle.

All people should have the ability to make informed consumer choices for themselves and their family. We define vegan access as the opportunity and ability to maintain an informed, intentional, and sustainable vegan lifestyle for one’s self and family.

Where Are We Going?

Our long term goal is to move into a permanent workspace in DC to call our own.

How we plan to benefit from this space:

  • provide location for pop-up resources, weekly meetings, event space and other gatherings on a regular basis
  • provide a consistent space for FtP team and community, and a mailing address to receive donations
  • familiar location to facilitate bonding and empowerment for Black/Brown folx seeking vegan community
  • a place in which vegan cultural, educational, and social materials and activities can operate

Core Values:

1. Community as a vehicle for empowerment,

2. Empowerment for the purpose of education,

3. Education as a cornerstone for access to and practice of a lifestyle committed to complete & collective liberation.

Values Statement:

As a vegan organization, we are advocates for the Vegan Bill of Consistent Anti-Oppression.

Fuel the People is a zero-tolerance space for homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, speciesism, xenophobia, white saviorism, or any combination of the above.

This is a vegan space that specifically centers Black and Brown folx and queer/trans folx of color.

This an anti-white terrorist and anti-capitalist space.

Fuel the People believes that when providing a community resource, we should only give to another what we would consume ourselves (or better)- especially should we be in a position to share our resources with others.

Since we are intentional about dismantling systems of white supremacy, we also believe in bringing norms for community organizing and large scale programming to our values, rather than compromising or contradicting our values to uphold norms for community organized resources or large scale programming.

For this reason, all food and products provided by Fuel the People are vegan.

Please consider this when donating, volunteering, or otherwise engaging with us as a resource.


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